The housing market is broken.

tenants have the power to fix it


We believe that working together makes every tenant more powerful

Whether you’re market-rate or rent-regulated, whether you’ve been in your place for 30 years or 30 days, you and your neighbors working together can improve life for everybody


Build COmmunity


improve Quality of Life


Defend affordability

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We help build Community

Communicating with your neighbors through a private building-wide forum and through one-to-one direct messages helps solve everyday issues, which helps build trust and solidarity


We help improve Quality of Life

Gathering and sharing data on your building through internal polling, tracking maintenance history, and collecting publicly available info helps keep your landlord accountable

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We help defend affordability for all

Connecting your building with our broader tenant network in NYC keeps you informed on the issues that affect your community, helps you get the protection you deserve, and gives you a voice in defending your home


It’s FREE - so get your building started!