homeBody for Tenants

Quit starting over every time you move


Get credit for being a good tenant, roommate, and neighbor - while improving your quality of life

Improve Service

  • Track maintenance responses

  • Confirm landlord tasks

  • KNow Building issues

Build Credit

  • Record payments on profile 

  • Take your data with you

  • Use profile to find next place

Create Community

  • Meet your neighbors

  • find community groups

  • learn about local issues



Keep a record of your past payments, leases, and roommates that stays with you every time you move.



Select your preferred method to pay rent and send it automatically every month.



Submit maintenance requests and confirm when they are completed to your satisfaction.



Communicate publicly or privately with your landlord, neighbors, and staff.


Who's on the Network?

Your Landlord

and find your next one if you move

Building Staff

get to know them and get what you need 

Your Neighbors

see how much you share

homeBody is free for tenants

(So help us get your landlord onboard!)