Frequently Asked Questions about Stuytown Pilot

  1. What is homeBody? We are an early-stage public benefit startup based in NYC. We have created a web-based communication tool for tenants and for small property managers. We are focusing specifically on helping tenants in Stuytown right now.

  2. You live in Stuytown? Yes, Pete moved here in 2009 and Jo lived here for three years up until recently. (We were roommates and somehow managed to build homeBody and not kill each other.) Pete came up with the idea based on his experiences in Stuytown, especially when CW Capital tried to evict him.

  3. What is the STPCVTA’s role? We have met with the board of the Tenants Association to pitch them on homeBody and they have agreed to support our pilot in 523 E14. They are testing us out to see if we are helpful for their efforts to organize tenants. We are all interested in scaling homeBody to the entire complex, especially for the fight to renew rent regulations coming in the spring.

  4. Is management involved? No. This is strictly a tenant-driven effort with the help of the STPCV Tenants Association. We have met with Stuytown management and they are aware of us.

  5. Is homeBody free for tenants? Yes. There is no charge for tenants to use homeBody.

  6. What do I need to have to sign up? For now if you live in 523 E14, just your name, unit number, and email address. We will be canvassing the building directly to sign our neighbors up.

  7. What personal information will be gathered by homeBody? We will only know your name, your unit, and your email. At no time will we ask for anything else. You can find out about our data protection policies here.

  8. What information will be available to other members on homeBody? Other members will be able to see a profile picture (if you wish to upload one) your first name, and your unit number. Any additional information you wish to provide on your profile is entirely optional. It’s just like seeing someone in the elevator!

  9. What if I am interested in signing up but don’t live in 523 E14th? Don’t worry! We hope to expand to other buildings very soon! Please contact us to pre-sign up so we have your information.

  10. When will you expand to other buildings? We will be testing in 523 E14 and select buildings for a short period of time and then hope to expand by the beginning of the winter. Rent laws are expiring in Albany next year and we want to be up and running before that happens!

  11. Can I sign up even if I’m not on a lease? Yes. We aren’t tracking who is a lease holder, a resident, or otherwise living there nor will we ever share any information with management. We are interested in helping whomever lives in the building hear what’s going on and have a voice.

  12. Does it matter if I’m a rent stabilized or market rate tenant? Not at all. We are open to every resident regardless of your unit’s status. Whether you’ve lived here for 30 years or 1 year, or plan to live here for 1 year or 30 years, you have a right to be involved with the life of your building.

  13. Who monitors all of the communications? We do. And very closely. We have designed homeBody to be an inviting and productive forum for neighbors. We take a very different approach than sites like Facebook, Twitter, or NextDoor. We will work hard at maintaining a safe, inclusive, and accessible environment.