We're a startup

Built by and for Stuytown residents


We built a free online communication app

 and we need your help to test it in 523 E 14!


Meet your neighbors

Knowing who lives with you makes us all happier, stronger, and safer


Find stuff quickly 

Connecting with your building makes it easier to find lost items, spare a trip to the store, and get help fast when you need it


Know the issues

Staying informed on what's going on in your building and the complex ensures fairness and high quality of life


Our Story


My name is Pete Harrison and I live in 4B. I moved to Stuytown in 2009 and it changed my life

Over that time, we overcame Tishman, CW Capital, and Superstorm Sandy by working together as neighbors. 

I saw the power of tenants working together and think that power should exist everyday.

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Our Mission

homeBody will make residents in STPCV more powerful

We are tired of how unfair renting is in NYC. Tenants struggle to unite against rising rents, eroding protections, and entrenched interests.

Better communication between tenants is the first step to change the status quo for renters in NYC. We want to start where we live. That's why we're working with the Tenants Association on this pilot.

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Our Service

We built a free communication app that connects you to your neighbors in 523 E 14 and (hopefully soon!) across the entire complex


Stay Informed

Hear from neighbors, the Tenants Association, and elected officials about what is happening in the complex, upcoming meetings, and how to get involved


Reach Out

Communicate publicly or privately with your neighbors on your floor, in your building, or other buildings in PCVST and get in touch with community leaders 

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Improve Service

View tenant-created data on maintenance service, quality of life concerns, and other issues to hold management more accountable and maintain an equal partnership


What do we need from you?

We want you to sign up your apartment up and test us out!

All we need is your name, your unit, and an email address. That's it.


Signing up is fast, secure, and totally free