Invest in your neighbors

like you invest

in your unit


See how a simple communication tool can vastly increase your property value


Save Time

  • Centralize communications

  • organize tasks

  • automate payments

Save Money

  • simplify compliance

  • Streamline Board Work

  • prevent Conflicts

Find Help

  • learn best practices

  • stay informed on local policy

  • meet other OWNERs 


Communicate privately or publicly with neighbors, staff, or the board - while keeping a record of all your interactions.


Organize your maintenance projects, board minutes, and compliance forms all while keeping an accessible record of documents.


Manage your unit data, building data, and financial records with pre-scheduled alerts and reminders while centralizing all of your contacts.



We curate all channels to keep conversations constructive and respectful 


We let you set their access points to keep everyone on the same page


We provide you with 24/7 customer support which includes policy help


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