This is homeBody

This is homeBody. Right now, it is as much of an idea as it is a company; if we work hard enough and don’t screw it up, that will always be partly true.

The idea is to bring small landlords and tenants together. Not in a ‘to change the world, man’ platitude-spewing way like some claims thrown around in the tech scene, but in an entirely real, entirely sincere, and entirely helpful way.

Small landlords and tenants benefit when trust exists between them. Sometimes this relationship is not as smooth and upfront as it could be.  Sometimes it is flat-out gnarly. It does not need to be that way.

We believe that shared-information creates trust. When both parties know what both parties know, when both are transparent and accountable, life is pretty straightforward. Then it becomes about actually living.

We built a technology that makes sharing information easy and useful. Landlords keep a pulse on what their tenants need and what they need from their tenants; tenants get credit for being a good renter, roommate, and neighbor while keeping their landlords on point.

We created a company to make renting a home fair and easy because we believe housing is a right. We want our members to benefit from our knowledge of housing and technology and from our commitment to service. We will bring on great people who value those things too; who keep challenging us to be better. We will always be never good enough.

We established a culture that comes correct to all of our stakeholders. Whether it is our members, our employees, our investors, or the public body at large, we will be a responsible and respectful community member and will contribute positively to the communities we serve.

Now, on to that whole ‘working hard and not screwing it up’ part.